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Session 70: The Talking

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Mad Dwarf

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 27, 2019 12:47 am    Post subject: Session 70: The Talking Reply with quote

A Session of Two Halves:

Half The First - The Mysterious Door
A long discussion of what to do about the Mysterious Door on the subway line.
Easy bit: Ride round to Sexologist, drop off a Surveillance Cat, go pick it up later. Review Footage.
Get keys from Jimmy, put on Maintenance Uniforms, walk to Door.
Tricky Bit: Go through door. Encounter whatever is there.
Jimmy says Door leads to small Maintenance Complex (3 rooms - no external exit).
Vinnie really wants to investigate this.

Half the Second - Why Aren't We Attacking The Risen?
Overall, about 80 Bleeders are available, and several Masters/Independents are champing at the bit.
Approach Vectors: Vehicles (Amy's van, Grendel's van, Double Zero, Leatherheads) along FDR, and 3rd Ave(through new Omni turf). Subway, to Omni/Risen border.
Can Slinkers hide from Omnis?
If Dr Watt will be on the Front Line, then Sophie will also.
Patricia will send a full quarter of the 80 (10 raw recruits, 7 Experienced, 2 Notables and Gary).
Heather and Hector have no spare people.
Tanto/Nessus have no spare people.
Tactical Plan: Run in. Bit of Killy. Bit of Get Bloods, run away, do blood-kills/blood-slave. Take minimal casualties.

Vinnie is recruiting Corner Punks (slowly)
Dr Watt is putting Hospital back together
Jimmy makes his own homebrew, and Grendel is getting him some better stuff, and maybe sell his beer at Blood Orange.
Idea for new "Blood Poisoning" powers - other effects?
Grendel was looking at Geo-Info Goggles (History chip) but balked at the cost ($500?)
Grendel was interested in Sexologist "How to have a non-abusive relationship" meeting, but Mama Kitty said they were a bunch of uptight bigots.

Belvedere: How to get there?
Mysterious Door? maybe.
Be nice to Keepers - can get you to Belvedere, probably not inside.
Be nasty to Keepers - How hard do you want to/can you go?
Other Interested parties - Hunters. Traders. Beowulf.
Goat Thing ...

Side Note: Risen are a bit "Vampire:The Masquerade". Fangs and Trench-coats.
Watch out for Protean, Fortitude, Celerity, Potence. Maybe a little Auspex.
Dr Watt noted that Blood Reading gives Age of 'donor'. How accurate (for purposes of tracing Date-of-Birth records)? Need a "30" for exact day.
NPC: Jimmy "Cricket". Subway maintenance guy, lives in Bleeder turf, and works near Bleeder station. Makes homebrew beer. Likes cricket. Doesn't like being hassled by gangers, but is very cooperative ("C'mere, there's more ...")
You got a weeks money
Are you all level 5 now?
Looking for Inspirational Apps?
Looking for computer help in Leicestershire?
Looking for Art, Crafts or Gift Ideas?
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