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Session 63: The talking

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Mad Dwarf

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 9:13 pm    Post subject: Session 63: The talking Reply with quote

We start with a review of the new gang Borders:
Skin Borgs have attacked Pursits, scattering them, but are repulsed by Hummingbirds and Immortals, who are now carving Purist turf between themselves. The Skin Borgs have split into the Real Skin Borgs,Original Skin Borgs, and Neo Borgs.

Freaks have been crushed between Tea Drinkers and Animalists. While they retain some turf, it is rumoured that they are planning to leave Manhattan to go "on tour". (Jim Rose Circus meets Lolapalooza meets Max Headroom)

Insomniacs and Drakes have expanded into The Bowery

Omniescents have claimed a large chunk of Dragon turf.
Kalor claim a smaller piece.

Risen have shrunk significantly.

As part of the Bleeder push North, Vinnie has a walk around the North West to look for potential Corner Punks to recruit.
He finds little apart from minor gangs, one of which throw snowballs at him until it turns into a proper fight. He takes a minor wound, and stabs the gangers until they run away.
("The Blue Canaries")

Grendel consults Mama Kitty (and her Tarot), revealing that East is a more Auspicious expansion area fro voodoo/bleeders. there is already a small voodoo shop there.
Also, what to do about the Prophecy?

Dr Watt is splitting up the Blood Casting power into smaller pieces, to stop it propagating so easily. He needs test Subjects to teach.

Mack is holding Blaine's Empire together, and making sure that the other Masters know that Blaine's Babes are to be included in high-level decision making.

A lot of talk (including hiring an information broker (Garth)) about how to invade the Lonely Fortress.

recap of Prophecy:
When the tombs grow cold
When wounds grow old
When the war stories are all told
When no voice sings of capes of gold

One last fortress will remain
Where sits one last lord, in pain

But even this tower cannot last
For its destiny lies in the mud
And from the ashes of ages past
Will rise the Master of the Blood

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