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Session 52 - The Return!

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2018 8:26 pm    Post subject: Session 52 - The Return! Reply with quote

Everyone jumps in the van and they zoom off to East 94th in search of Nadene.
They have an address, so this is not too tough...

Parking up in the underground lot, they take the elevator to the lobby, where the Receptionist checks them in (Mack has phoned ahead and rented an apartment).
In the elevator to the 2nd floor, they check security: CCTV in all corridors. Minor guards in Lobby.
On arriving at 2nd floor, they notice a drone hovering at the far corner of the corridor. Acting all casual, they stroll past.

Mack's "new apartment" is beyond Nadene's, so as they wander past, Grendel activates her Psychic Sense to check if there are any Sentiences nearby (and rolls a Natural 20).
In room 24(2), there are Two signatures:
1) 15' inside the room
2) 25' inside the room: THIS IS BILLY-O!

Grendel Psychically suggests that Mack go in and apprehend Billy-O, and hurls her tomahawk at the drone, seriously damaging it.
Mack forces the door open, and Vinnie hurls a "grenade" (which Grendel boosts with sound effects) while Dr Watt moves to disable the CCTV, and finish off the drone.
Mack and Grendel, slightly unsure if Vinnie accidentally used a real grenade, charge across the room, ignoring Nadene (hiding behind the sofa), and head towards the bedroom that Billy-O's signature was in.
Vinnie rushes to follow, but his Vampire-side kicks in, and he rebounds from the threshold, unable to enter uninvited!

Grendel smashes the internal door with ease, and slams a fist into the figure inside the room.
Mack follows, lunging with his staff.
Psychic effects go off:
Psychic Calm causes Nadene to faint, but everyone else resists.
Psychic Control fails to take hold on anyone.

Mack and Grendel knock Billy-O unconscious, and Mack shouts for Vinnie's help. (As the previous Occupants are now defeated, this counts as an Invite).
Dr Watt has disabled the CCTV and drone, and comes to assist in checking the rooms:
2 active drones are noticed, and Dr Watt slips a small sample of Nadene's blood, and disables them, while Vinne collects a couple of tablet-computers.
Billy-O and Nadene are taken directly to the van, and everyone lives happily ever after ...

... or do they?

No, they don't. A minute or so into the journey, waves of Psychic Pain attacks sweep across the van.
Most of the party are unaffected, but Dr Watt, being the closest and the least resistant, struggles to handle the Shocking Pain that rips through him.
He does manage to pump Billy-O with dangerous levels of sedative, until the attacks cease.

The party move to one of Mack's minor hide-outs, a deserted building with just-about-functional facilities.
Billy-O is cautiously revived, and interviewed.
He is a shell of his former self, meek and confused. He wants to go home, to see his friends. He hopes his friends still like him. He has been asleep.
Putting two and two together, the party figure that the Insomniacs have scrambled his brain, and a quick call to Saffron confirms that they have released him, believing him to no longer be a danger.
Billy-O is sedated again.
(Note: Be careful of too much sedative!)

Nadene is interviewed, and finding her to be compliant, she is "persuaded" to join Dr Watt's research team.

1 Minion (Nadene) and her 30 drones (not fully loyal).

I believe the next plan was to see what Blaine has to say?
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