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The Bigger Picture

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Mad Dwarf

Joined: 09 Oct 2003
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 10:44 pm    Post subject: The Bigger Picture Reply with quote

Vinnie is a Powerful Psychic Manipulator, and is raising a Cult. He intends to use this as a recruiting base for his personal army.
He has claimed a small area to the North-West of Patricia's turf.

Dr Watt is studying the Secrets of Psychic Power, particularly Blood Magic. He would like to use this knowledge to 1) Position himself high in the Bleeder Power Structure. 2) Dismantle the current Bleeder Power Structure.
He has a Secret laboratory in Southern turf.

Mack is a Powerful Psychic Sensor and Medium (and not a weak Manipulator). He has several students and wishes to climb the greasy pole to Power within the Bleeders.
he has claimed an area to the West of Patricia's turf.

Grendel is a powerful Combatant and Slinker. She has positioned herself as Voodoo Liaison (giving her a good deal of control over them), and is opening a Voodoo temple/dojo, in the very North of turf, to gain recruits.

All of the party are very strong in personal Combat. Few are able to challenge them one-on-one.

Mack and Dr W's Blood Memory/Sampling means they can have a great deal of Skills at their disposal. Between Vinnie's cult, the Voodoo Exchange Students, Ben's supplies and targeted individuals, it is only Exotic/Rare skills that cannot be gained relatively quickly.
Vinnie is less powered in this area, and needs more Blood, of higher Competency.

Internal Politics:
No-one likes you, as they cannot control you.
You have a good working relationship with Patricia (despite Emily).
Sabine and Leatherhead respect your Border Control efforts.
Terence ("The Geek") has opened dialogue, but his motives are dubious.
Sophie ("The Artist") is accessible, but of unknown allegiance.
RJF are probably the nearest to Allies.
Swan is always happy to discuss Tactics.

What Power? The Power of Voodoo! Who Do? You Do!
If I have it right, Vinnie and Mack have started to learn Blood-based Voodoo Magic.
Kanto/Ghouls. Mind-Field. etc.
Hexametric Ice said this would be a Game-Changer for the City.
Is Grendel moving along this path? (Voodoo or Blood?) Papa and Mama suggest she should.

External Relations
Few contacts.
A few names-and-numbers in Math Addict.
A supply of Blood from Humankalor.
Tiff-Ann-EE (Orphans), who warned of Skin Borgs.
Vinnie has some minor Day Shift contacts.

Vinnie: 2 Students (Level 1). 6 "interested" Independents (2 lvl 2, 4 lvl 1). 30 Cultists (4 potential recruits).
Mack: 8 Students (1 lvl 3, 3 lvl 2, 4 lvl 1. Recruited from Independents)
Dr W: 2 Students (lvl 2. Medical Specialisation). 2 Minions (Medical. 1 Computer Modeller)
Grendel: None, but dojo and voodoo can provide manpower if needed. Possibly Bethany (old, ex-Freedom Army?).

Overall Position
With your personal Power, political connections, manpower and reputation, you hold serious sway amongst the Bleeders.
Few would challenge you openly (although any may move against you covertly/politically).

Lower Harlem is yours for the taking!
The main questions are How you do it, and What do you do with it! (Also, Who you take with you).


Please supply any additions/corrections.
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Urban Spaceman

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 1:59 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

How: Velvet Revolution. Make the existing power structures irrelevant to the Greater Cult.
What : Take over the World!. No Really.
Who we take with us? Everyone ( for certain values of Everyone)
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To debate is divine
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Joined: 10 Jan 2005
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 03, 2018 3:14 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

How. Rise in the existing structure, taking the opportunities as they appear. Establish a new pyramid/voodoo network

What. Establish a benevolent dictatorship. Root out corruption and exploitation.

Who. Those of a like mind, although all pyramids have a single point.....
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