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Session 51: The Follow-Up

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Mad Dwarf

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 21, 2018 7:48 pm    Post subject: Session 51: The Follow-Up Reply with quote

With the drones stopped for now, Mack looks for other possible surveillance sites.
Dr Watt takes his team out for a decent meal (mainly to be seen by others).
Vinnie dedicates some time to his Cult.

Mack picks a few potential sites that could house Surveillance, and decides to check one out. The upper floors of a tower block have a "turret" on the corner, with panoramic views (once a major selling point for these luxury flats!)
Gathering the party (sans Grendel - Player couldn't make it), and a few reinforcements, a plan to advance was formed.
Mack took the advance crew through a service entrance and positioned themselves in a stairwell, covering the doors to the apartments on 3 floors.
Vinnie and Orlando then charged in the front of the building, and up the main stairs.
With no reaction yet, Vinnie and a Student kicked in doors, and found a Drone sat watching the streets!
For a frantic few moments, Vinnie struggled with the Drone, as it tried to fly away, but his student damaged the rotors, and eventually it powered down (The owner decided it was not going to get away).
It was noticed that the drone had broken a window and flown in, and a quick check found no other intrusions.

The Drone was handed over to Terence ("The Geek"), to scour for information.

The Party turn their attentions back to their Students while they await results.

Terence suggests that the Drone has flow from East 94th, but can gain little other info. He thinks that it is not Omniescent, as it has little sensory equipment beyond its main camera. Instead it has two battery packs, meaning that it could observe for quite some time (weeks?), but it has only been in position for a couple of days.

The drone is returned to the Party, and Dr Watt passes it to his people to look over.
Beryl is surprised to see code in the customised CPU that she swears is written by Nadene "Dutch" Holland, a fellow student from a few years ago. Info is pulled from as many sources as possible:

A double-PHD in engineering, Nadene has always had an interest in Drones. She failed her corporate entrance exams, and moved to an apartment on east 94th, making a living freelancing for local electronics/engineering firms.

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