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Session 42: Soup is Good Food

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Mad Dwarf

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2018 10:08 pm    Post subject: Session 42: Soup is Good Food Reply with quote

With Mack back in from helping patrol Heather's border, new ideas were to be had! Not content with poking the Alien Cult, it was time to properly provoke them!

A few phone calls, a few grubby dollar-notes changing hand, favours owed, favours paid, and our Stalwart Heroes (our what?), with a couple of Patricia's (Ben's) minions are stood on 3rd and 116 in full Bleeder Colours with a Market Barrow. Atop said barrow is a steaming tureen of soup, along with a motley array of bowls.

Grendel hefts the barrow along 116, and the rest of the party begin ladling the concoction, to be distributed amongst the needy.

The edges of the street begin to fill with tired, poor, huddled massed, yearning to be fed. These wretched refugees watch from the sidewalk, as a small patrol of Humankalor come to see what the commotion is.

"We don't want your sort round here, distributing poison to our Friends! Begone, Bleeder Scum!"
Mack turns to face the interruption, and explains how this humanitarian mission is important, and there is no need for hostilities.
The speeches fly back and forth, but Mack has the backing of Psychic Powers, and soon most in the vicinity are convinced of the Party's legitimacy. Not that the Kalor are about to back off! They have back-up on the way, and intend to repel these intruders!

Soup is taken to the tempest-tossed, and Dr Watt hands out medical advice to those few willing to take up his offer. Words continue to be exchanged, and the extra Kalor get ever closer ...

Emotions are running high (Mainly fuelled by Mack and Vinnie!), and the Kalor line up in their traditional Pike-Wall. The street falls silent ...
The soup-recipients gulp down a last mouthful, and shivs, clubs and chains appear. Sharpened steel slips into hands, and eyes dart nervously towards exits ...

No-one is quite sure what happened next. Some say the Kalor charged with out provocation. Some say the Shut-Ins rushed to protect their Soup. A few rebellious counter-culture devil's advocates say the Bleeders drew their blades first, and goaded the Kalor.
The next anyone knows is that a melee was raging across the street.
Two groups of shut-ins argue over the tureen, sending it flying. The barrow is tipped over as a barricade. A score of kalor split their attack, some trying to isolate Grendel, others avoiding her. Dr Watt splits time between wounding kalor as much as he can, and then trying to stop them from bleeding out (while making sure they bleed a little into his bottles!). Mack holds with Grendel as she disarms Kalor, and piles their weapons into a Sculpture. Vinnie runs back and forth, blade flashing in the afternoon sun.
Before long, the battle is over. wary blades are held towards the Kalor as they grab their wounded and retreat. Vinnie considers running them down, but decides against it.

Barely half an hour has passed since The Bleeders crossed 3rd Avenue, and the street is quiet again.
Wounded shut-ins litter the area, and Dr Watt does what he can for them.
Grendel picks up her Sculpture, and suggests it is time to leave.
Vinnie is in a bad way. A kalor blade has slipped past his defences, with a blow that would have laid low a lesser man. His metabolism has eaten through his available reserves, and his body is beginning to consume itself.

Time to go.

Dr Watt treats Vinnie's wound, and notes that infection is already taking hold. A few antibiotics will sort that out. (-1 all rolls for 1 day).
Vinnie hits a temporary sugar-supply, enough to get him home.

Grendel takes her statue to Voodoo Turf, where it is well received, ready for the Festival.


"The Kalor Hate the Bleeders" (MAJOR)
"116 like the Bleeders" (Notable)
"Voodoo Like Grendel" (minor)
"Hector Approves of action vs Aliens" (minor)
"Patricia Approves of action against Border Threat" (minor)
"Patricia would like to have known the plan" (minor)
"Sabine Disapproves of unauthorised action on Border" (Notable)
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