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Summary after Session 32 (including New Plots)

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Mad Dwarf

Joined: 09 Oct 2003
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 4:16 pm    Post subject: Summary after Session 32 (including New Plots) Reply with quote

We're up to about October 10th.

Weather is staying surprisingly good. Intermittent autumn showers, but still warm enough.

Humankalore are pushing close to Patricia.
RJF are pushing North.
The Leatherheads are riding around in the southern Neutral Zone. Whie they don't do more than cause a bit of noise/trouble, the Omniescents aren't responding (but they ARE watching!)

Internal Politics:
Patricia's lower students seem to have some level of freedom.
Heather is building a Business Empire.
Jaida "The Tower" Cruz (Sanguine) has some students socialising and looking for work.
Blaine is devoting more time to his new Coterie, giving the PCs a but more freedom.
Overall, the gang is getting a short-to-medium boost from the 1199 Relocation Cash, and Masters are vying for position. Everyone is checking the evacuees for potential recruits.

Elsewhere in the City:
Skin Borgs have pulled a Big Score, and are now arguing how to split it. Once this is sorted, expect some Serious Action from the North!
Math Addicts have released their latest Public Predictions:
-Winter is Coming! (And will be cold!)
-Needle Punks are due to make good progress vs the Drug Lords. Please donate generously to help this Worthy Cause.
-Insomniacs are no longer Big Players, and will cease to exist soon. Probably due to the long-term affects of Sibosin being Bad.
-Stock prices will rise as well as fall.
-Season 27 of Firefly will beat all records for awards, viewing figures and revenue.

New Plots:
Vinnie's Technophile contact is interested in the 1199 Project.
RJF are having trouble with a Corner Gang North of Voodoo: Approximately 30 of The Bad Penny gang are besieged in a tower block, and at least 20 more have gone into hiding and are running guerrilla warfare against RJF (and therefore all of The Bleeders). You have been asked to help.
Jolene (Student of the Artist) has 'heard on the grapevine' that Dr W knows how Blood Magic works, and is interested in learning more. She can't go to The Thirteen due to 'personal reasons'.
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Urban Spaceman

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 09, 2018 11:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Vinnies technophile is interested in the Tesla Towers?. Just HOW interested are they. Cos obtaining influence/control inside that corporate power strucure is not going to be easy and may stir up a hornets nest. Bearing in mind everytime we want some tech from this guy we have stump up some cash we need to make it clear that a 'Job' against the Corps with the big scary mercs is going to require some sweeteners.

RJF are incapable of holding OR seizing their own terf?. I guess we had better come up there and sort it out for them then. Do they want us to wipe thier asses while we are doing that?
To flame is human
To debate is divine
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